Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

TV (my litmus test for all things) makes it seem as though those in a relationship fret over Valentine’s Day, which is of utmost importance, while the single people dread and mentally prep for February 14th like the apocalypse is upon us.

Social media feeds seem equally polarized. There are borderline voyeuristic images of red wine, flowers, chocolates and PDA, meant to be “liked” and viewed through rose-tinted glasses, and then there are the “anti-Valentine’s Day” memes; a clip of Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods tossing a heart shaped box of chocolates at the screen, etc.

But Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to represent this line in the sand. You don’t need to pick a side. Instead, use February 14th as a day to show appreciation for those you love (or even just plain like) – your mom, best friend, or mentor. And hey, if you’re keen on shelling out a little something, why not make that something a gift pack or single tin of Eu’Genia Shea’s 100% natural shea butter.

Use our lavender or grapefruit butters to give your sig-other (or yourself!) a neck rub. Let your boyfriend know that while you said his carpenter hands were sexy, you weren’t opposed to him using some of Eu’Genia’s dermatological strength shea on his callouses. And best of all, don’t stress over a gift. I’m pretty sure it’s not what Cupid intended.