Shea Butter for Skin

Shea Butter

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Shea Butter for Skin

Using shea butter can transform your skin for the better. Shea butter protects and moisturizes the skin and should be used without the addition of any harsh chemicals. Shea butter is very easy to use when purchased in its raw form and you’ll see quick results when you incorporate the moisturizer into your daily skin care regimen.

Benefits Of Shea Butter for Skin

One of the reasons that shea butter is so beneficial to the skin is because the ingredients are chockfull of healthy fatty acids and vitamins. In particular, Vitamins A and E protect against free radical damage to your skin. The fatty acids also diminish skin exposure to harmful UV light. Shea butter has been shown to have anti-aging qualities. With daily usage, shea butter brightens dull complexions and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Shea butter has also been used a complementary medicine for the treatment of skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, and acne. Since it has anti-inflammatory properties, it could also be applied to minor wounds, insect bites, and burns.

Usage Tips for Skin

Applying shea butter to the skin doesn’t need to be complicated. In most cases, shea butter can easily be massaged directly into the skin. As the shea butter reaches room temperature, the oils will absorb easily into the skin without leaving behind a residue. If you rather melt the shea butter before applying, you can simply leave the shea butter in a jar on a sunny windowsill or place it inside a container surrounded by warm water. Melted shea butter is a good salve for dry and itchy skin. For an all-over body butter, you can melt the shea butter and then whip it with coconut oil as it hardens once again.

Eu’Genia Shea retails only the highest quality, organic shea butter products on the marketplace. Options from Eu’Genia Shea include raw versions as well as shea butter tins with lavender and grapefruit scented versions.