Shea Butter for Beard

Everyday Shea Butter
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Pregnancy Strength Shea Butter for Beard

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You can put shea butter in your hair, so why not use it for your beard? That’s hair, right? Since this natural substance has amazing qualities that improve hair strands, it’s beneficial for beards too. So if you’re the kind of guy who’s serious (or curious!) about beard care, you’ll want to try out shea butter.

About Shea Butter for Beard

Choosing this tree nut butter for your beard care routine gives you:

A Natural Approach

Most store-bought products for beards and hair contain chemicals – many associated with ill effects on health – that your body can absorb through the skin. Using an all-natural formula helps you avoid that potentially harmful absorption. Instead, you’ll be soaking in the healthy vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants of shea butter.

Healthy Facial Hair

Shea butter is a prime choice for beards because it offers benefits for hair. This natural substance moisturizes beard hair and protects it from chemicals and exposure to the elements. When you use this substance within your personal care routine, you’ll gain softer, healthier facial hair that looks as nice as it feels.

Beards with Soft Skin

While taking care of your chin hair, it’s a good idea to consider your skin underneath, just as you would want to take care of your scalp when you wash your hair. It’s no fun when you grow a great beard and then your skin beneath it gets itchy and rough. Shea butter is used for skin care as well as hair care, and it moisturizes, offers protection and helps with dry and itchy skin.

Take care of your facial skin and hair all at once in a healthy, natural way with Eu’genia shea. Our organic shea butter for beard usage is perfect for your everyday personal care routine.