Shea — The Child Pleaser

Shea — The Child Pleaser

Link to video of Narayan


Eu’Genia Shea may inspire dangerous levels of cuteness.

​Now before you go running off to stash your most prized beauty possessions inside a head of raw broccoli, consider the video above. Narayan, age 3, stumbles upon a tin of lavender Eugenia Shea. Excited by its accessible packaging and design, he begins to explore the contents of the tin. Unlike many of the beauty and household products one may have lying around at any given time, Eugenia Shea is completely toddler-friendly, made from 100% natural raw shea butter with no hidden chemicals or preservatives.

​Tired of coaxing your child into giving you a good ole’ foot rub? To be honest, who isn’t? Eugenia Shea solves that problem. Behold Narayan’s expression as he rubs the shea into his own foot, and then onto his father’s big toe with an equal if not inflated sense of wonder.


​“Naa-Sakle’s shea butter is the best!” He proclaims. Could you believe it only took 500 red Skittles to get him to say that? This, readers, I can assure you, is NOT fake news. We know men and women love our shea butter, here’s proof that the little ones adore it too.