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Shea Butter

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On the continent of Africa, you’ll find the shea nut located on the shea tree. These nuts produce a helpful type of oil that can be used to protect and heal your skin by moisturizing and restoring it. Eu’genia Shea is a family enterprise that started as a way to give everyone the chance to benefit from the recuperative powers of shea butter. For centuries, the people of Africa have depended on shea butter not only for cosmetic purposes but also to keep their skin strong against everything from occasional cracking to deadly infections.

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We manage to stand out from our competitors by painstakingly perfecting the formulas we use for each product. Our pregnancy formula is designed to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and keep your skin supple during a particularly taxing experience. The majority of products on the market use only a small portion of shea butter, but we manage to use 95% of shea butter or oil in everything we make. It’s our goal to give you every advantage when taking care of your body. By strengthening your natural defenses with an equally natural product, we hope to keep you feeling young and healthy at any age.

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Organic Shea butter is not only soothing for the body, it’s also soothing for the soul. It’s a way to signal to your body and mind that your health is of the utmost importance. It’s why Eu’genia Shea has made it our priority to give you the best in nourishment. We have three specific formulas, so you can pick the one that’s right for you. Whether you’re using shea butter as an everyday moisturizing or as a way to help reduce eczema symptoms, there’s a product for you. Order today or sign up for our subscription service to get the healthy skin you’ve always wanted!