Hoof No More

Hoof No More

Winter is Coming Here

Have you ever rubbed a leg up against what you could only deduce was sandpaper, rolled over to curse your bed-partner, starchy sheets, or domesticated animal before realizing, wait, that thing is totally my other leg?

If you haven’t, well then congratulations, consider yourself part of the minute population of luck-of-the-Irish folk who don’t suffer from dry skin during harsh winter months. You’re probably accustomed to buying the exact amount of ingredients for any given dish and applying deodorant a mere one time per day. Am I right?

The rest of us know that winter brings something far worse than the promise of White Walkers and that, my friends, is dry skin. Those who suffer from it know how persistent, and even painful it can be. You may find yourself applying lightweight lotion several times a day, or even brushing tiny flakes of white off of black jeans.

Before Eu’Genia, your only recourse against this condition was to wait it out, cloaking your extremities beneath layers of knit and denim until April made an appearance. But, if you applied this logic in other areas of your life, you might turn down food when your body signaled it needed energy the most or not drink water when thirstiest. The analogy isn’t perfect, but you get the point.

There’s no more important time than these approaching cold months to show your parched skin some love. Unlike most drugstore moisturizers, Eu’Genia Shea conditions deeply; we believe in longevity and nourishment, so you won’t find yourself reapplying every hour.

If you didn’t get Eu’Genia in your stocking this year and your Secret Santa let you down too, don’t dismay. Just be an adult and give your skin the present it’s been asking for.